Affiliated Law Firms

On the Internet, it seems to be hard to promote law firms, since:
a) there are too many of them;
b) there is not any plan (or a bad plan) of promotion.

However, the Internet is a powerful tool to attract more consumers, to let them know about some particular law firms, to form a large base of clients or to make profit providing additional services.

Affiliate marketing expert gives some valuable tips on how the affiliated law firms work and what the affiliated law firms need in order to advertise themselves.

One of the programs which concern the law firms is a click-per-sale affiliate marketing program. This program is created for the small law firms which are ready to work under some large law firm. On the one hand, this affiliate marketing program allows promoting and building own business, while the clients are lead to the web site of a bigger law firm. On the other hand, it provides only additional income. Let's calculate. Says, some law firm offers an affiliate program at the price of 25 USD per click (on condition that a consumer gets registered on their web site). If you lead at least one consumer to their web site per day, it makes, on average, 750 USD per month. Some law firms even offer the long-term payouts (thanks to cookies).

Affiliated law firms may benefit from using platforms and software of the well-known brands. Such companies usually provide an opportunity to participate in some programs (or tiers): for authors who are profiled like specialists in some field; online legal help (quotes, documents); online legal consulting; listing among the most preferable and professional lawyers of the area, and the like.

In both cases a lawyer or a law firm receive personal secure account from which all operations are held.